About us…

A small project that started many years ago, merely to innovate our own back-office process for our restaurant operation has snowballed to a complete ecosystem today.

Named ‘BISYNC CLOUD’, our platform enables the operator to meet supplier online, secure finance and trade instantly. Traditional administrative work is automated where its possible and result is ‘INSTANT AND LIVE’, allowing operator to focus on building their business on solid foundation.

Industry Veterans

Key members including our CEO have worked in industries including Hospitality, Retail, warehouse & Trading, retail and FMCG. This is critical as we must be able to understand the pain-points of each industry.

Implementation Experts

We believe every situation is different and implementation should be highly structured and collaborative.

Committed to Collaboration

Communication is a most effective tool to a successful implemtation. We provide best industry-practice, yet, flexible to our clients’ needs.

Digital foundation

We are all about innovating and digitalizing PROCESS. Assisting industries to achieve sustainable growth. Going digital also contributes to less paper, less printing, less energy, playing a small part in green movement.


Development of BISYNC CLOUD commenced

Deployed YIELD to 14 outlets under O2D group

BISYNC CLOUD trial commenced


Development of YIELD,
restaurant cost management solution


Our approach


  • B2B Trading Portal
  • Complete Procurement online
  • Forecasted purchase
  • Product/Recipe Engineering & Management
  • Accurate theoretical & actual cost
  • Smart business analytics
  • Central kitchen / Vendor module
  • Lightweight browser driven POS
  • True mobile POS
  • Integrated e-menu / QR order
  • Access to major delivery platform
  • Cloud-controlled enterprise module
  • Connected to Bisync cloud ERP
  • Your own online store fully integrated to Letus Serve
  • Connected to delivery partners
  • Lowest industry processing fee
  • Single point of product and price control
  • Mobile Human Resources management
  • E-schedule
  • E-leave application
  • Online application
  • Mobile Clock in/out
  • Automated remuneration
  • Notice and Broadcast

Our Clients

Chaotic Processes… Simplified!

Process Innovation, driven by ecosystem provides
‘REAL TIME’ data, enabling timely decisions.

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